About the blog

Tired of long, technical explanations? Want to accelerate your learning?

Good! Because that’s exactly what I’m helping people with here.

For all the curious computer nerds out there gasping to exchange ideas and learn things in a simple and fun way, Kasperfred is a new blog, launched in 2017, looking to simplify learning about Artificial Intelligence.

The blog is all about sharing ideas and having fun learning about new things without the pressure of traditional education.

Learning should be fun!

Too often, I find teachers who are trying to scare people away with a bunch of theory. They don't do it on purpose. They simply think of it as the most "correct" way of learning, and sure it's true that in theory, but it doesn't always translate well to reality.

How often haven't you read a bunch of theory on a topic you didn't understand well, and find that you don't understand it much better after all of this studying.

I don’t think this strategy is optimal for learning.

Instead, I believe learning should be done through experimenting by getting your hands dirty as soon as possible, and that big, scary, math equation should be saved until you really need it.

If you enjoy a concept first and learn by example approach, you will feel right at home here.

That is not to say the theory is not important; it's immensely important. Afterall, it's the theory that makes the practical possible, and, well, practical. Learning the theory behind is just as important as understanding how to use something, but it's often best saved for a page or two later after page one.

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