Hello! I'm Kasper.

I'm a physics student at Aarhus University in Denmark, but I self-study data science and mathematics in my spare time because I'm terrible at making decisions.

I work with the Hammer research group on modelling material properties using machine learning. Basically, computationally figuring out how to build very stable molecules with specific properties.

We actually already know how to do this. The problem is it's too expensive to compute; hence the machine learning bit.

I also work at Capra Robotics as a robotics software engineer trying to improve the autonomous capabilities of our robot.

In 2018, I won the physical science category in the Danish Young Scientists competition, and qualified for the European championship where I won a special prize by CERN for best particle physics project, and qualified for the World championship with my project "Detecting Elementary Particles Using Neural Networks".

I really like the color pink.

On the website, I write about things I find interesting in physics, robotics, and machine learning. I also share projects I have been working on.

If you wish to contact me, you may do so at [email protected]

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